Jun 2, 2010

I am not kidding!

I swear if your arm fell off; there is a Haitian tea that will fix it! Fever? We have a tea for that. Head Cold? We have a tea for that, too. We have herbs to cure just about everything. (We'll go into this in detail later.)

When I was little my mother would made me “Te fey Asowosi” when I had fevers. After I drank that tea I would be on my feet chasing after chickens in no time. So I value natural medicine a lot. Drinking tea to treat my illnesses is a byproduct of my upbringings. Occasionally, I do take Tylenol for headaches; that is only if I don’t have access to natural herbs.

We, Haitians are old fashioned. We believe that folk medicine is better for the body and the soul. Today, some of us are trying to find a balance between folk medicine and modern medicine. But don’t expect the old herbal beliefs to die away. Folk medicines are ingrained in our core. They‘re persistent!

Te Fey Asowosi