Jul 29, 2010

Act de deces or Death Certificate

I posted two Birth certificates in the previous posts.  Now, I want to " fermer le cercle" by posting a Death certificate. So here it is. I come full circle.
 Death certificate

Jul 28, 2010

Haitian Birth certificate II - French to ENglish

A Birth Certificate: or "Act de Naissance" is issued by a local registry officer  "officier d’état civil" to parents in french speaking countries, such as Haiti. Birth Certificate applicants need a Marriage Certificate or a child Certificate of Birth to apply. The Birth certificate when issued has a raised seal of the Haitian government on it.

          French  to English Translation

Caribbean Living: Haitian Birth Certificate II

Haitian Birth Certificate II

Here is a brief information regarding Haitian Certificate of Birth, Birth Certificate, and Extract.

A Certificate of Birth: in French “Certificat de Naissance” is the original document or a certified copy of the original record of birth. Most hospitals in the U.S. issue a souvenir "Certificat de Naissance"  which typically includes the footprints of the newborn. These birth certificates are not legally accepted as proof of age or citizenship

extrait d'acte de naissance

Jul 27, 2010

Haiti - Extrait d'Acte de Naissance -Extract of certificate of Birth

When I googled "Haitian Birth Certificates", I was really looking for samples of a Haitian birth certificates plus a side-by-side translation.  Piece of cake... I thought. Finding the information I needed was very difficult.  I come across a few promising sites.  But they all wanted to charge me to look at their “samples”.

I finally found these two samples for free, posted to the left. These documents are not Birth Certificates, however.  They are, instead,  "extrait d'acte de naissance or Extract of certificate of Birth" or Short-form  as the US government call them, or official copy of summaries of the birth certificate

Extrait d'Acte de Naissance or  short form
Are documents that state the person, birth date and place without going into all of the hospital information on the long form. The information found in the short form is taken from the official full birth certificate. Extracts of birth certificates are legally accepted as proof of age or citizenship

The National Archives of Haiti often issue these replacement birth certificates or extraits (Extract) to those who request it.