Dec 31, 2010

The Shadow-man...

“I run so fast you would think the Devil was after me. I was running for my life man… said Beau in disbelief!” 

Beau is a merchant who buys and resells cows in Port-au-Prince. He had a disagreement with another merchant who claimed that Beau raped him off. Beau supposedly did not pay him the fair value for a plump heifer. The less than happy competing merchant spread out a deadly rumor. He rumored that Beau practices black voodoo. "Beau knows how to turn people into zombies, he claimed".

One night The merchan rallied the villagers to his house and said to them very charismatically. “Beau is a shadow-man. He will curse you. You will get sick, he avowed. Your symptoms will resemble this of cholera patient and you will die. Your family will think you died of Cholera. They will not suspect foul play. Do you want a bocor to live amongst us and kill our kids?”

The villages screamed, "NO" in unison. “We need to “raché’l ak machèt”. Let’s decapitate him with machetes”. Torches and machetes in hands they marched to Beau’s house.

“I fled the house in the middle of the night, Beau told me. I would have been history right now if a Good Samaritan did not tip me off. Thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies, he shivered. I will stay in hiding until the rumors died out. Gosh, I wish I know for how long…? Beau sighted”

Beau is lucky to be alive! His misadventures and so many others will not make international new on CNN. Murderers will go free and nothing will be done about it.

"Haiti is a JUNGLE Laurie. Nowadays everyone is running wild  Beau concluded. "