Apr 28, 2012

How to make “Avoine" or Cream of Oatmeal

“Avoine” or cream of Oatmeal could warm you up on a cold day.  However, this recipe uses a combination of spices to create a smooth drink with lingering warmth.
You  will need:
          2 cups water
         2 cinnamon sticks
         4  anise star
         1/2 cup oatmeal ( I used Moms Beast organic oatmeal for this recipe)
         1 pinch of salt
         1 tsp. of almond extract
         1 cans evaporated milk
         Sugar to taste, ( I used honey and sometime agave syrup to sweeten)
          Use wooden spoon or plastic spatula to stir (Metallic spoon will make the mixture watery.)
old fashion oatmeal: Avoine


        1.     Place oatmeal in a food processor.
        2.     Process until finely shredded
        3      Add oatmeal and salt to the 2 cups water  then boil with cinnamon and anise stars.
        4      Slowly stir until it thickens.
        5.     Remove anise star and cinnamon
        6.     Add evaporated milk sugar to taste and ,almond extract
        7.     Allow to cool not completely thought.
        8.     Serve warm with toasted bread and fresh fruits.

       This makes a yummy breakfast.  However, you can make it a light evening meal  as we often do in Haiti.